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My name is Christopher Bradley

I come from a world where lives are risked every day in the service of our nation.  A world where we must work together to accomplish our mission and who's first truth is people above all else. I've spent 18 years in this world protecting our military’s cyber from our nation's adversaries. It is from this world and this service that I run for Congress today to represent you in Florida's 14th District.  


How often have we seen our political leaders more interested in fighting each other than working together? Dividing us on issues rather than uniting us with solutions.  People’s lives are too important for the games these politicians are playing. 

I see an economy suffering, with government spending our country into a debt that our children will have to pay.  And working families today burdened under increasing costs with only false promises for better times.   

I see a world changing and little done to address the environmental impacts of climate change or of our own mismanagement.  Climate and environmental conservation are vitally important to our community and nation.  As a healthy environment represents a healthy people and flourishing economy.  These are not issues that can simply be shrugged off.  From Florida’s increasingly polluted waterways to the water crisis in our Southwest, we must set aside our difference to unit in a common cause and save our people and our country.


To that end – I will build coalitions of like-minded leaders across the spectrum that want to solve issues rather than fight and bicker.  We need change in Washington, and not a Party change, but a leadership change that recognizes your importance to our community and country. 


My name is Christopher Bradley.  I want us to return to representing the people of our community and nation.  


3690 West Gandy Blvd, #149, Tampa, FL 33611 


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