Christopher Bradley is not in the race for himself or his career.  Seeing our current representative ignoring issues and people and the hate perpetrated in the halls of our Government, Christopher wants to bring the House back to the People.  Through actual negotiations and compromise and without the theatrical circus that our Government has become.  Representatives should represent all people, not just their special interests or party.  We need stability so we can have a meaningful debate to lead to meaningful solutions.  We once had this in our country, and we can have it again.    



Having spent most of my adult life outside of the United States, I have dealt with the difficulties and

problems associated with immigration paperwork and working in foreign countries. Where most

politicians are fine with throwing out a few words in Spanish to show you their empathy for migrants, I

have been where most never will go. I have lived in countries where I did not know the dominant

language, Spanish. I lived in countries where my native tongue wasn’t the dominant language. I had to

work around the difficulties presented, and I know firsthand how being a “foreigner” can be anxious and

filled with unknown challenges.


Our economy is a wonderful mix of people and business. The small, local business has been the backbone of the U.S. economy and needs to be encouraged and supported. The 2020 pandemic saw small businesses be shortchanged while the largest of America’s corporations were sheltered from the economic effects and even saw their profits sky-rocket. The working class suffered while the elites moved their business and financials into protected positions. In a fight for the economy, we must do everything to protect the small business and the working class that makes up our nation’s financial backbone.


Education is an ever-evolving industry that now fundamentally reaches beyond the traditional K-12 parameters. The reaction to the pandemic in 2020 showed the need for a flexible educational system that allows for various means and methods to teach the basic life skills needed for our society. Rather than attempting to place millions of students back into an inflexible system, the U.S. Government needs to adopt a more flexible and malleable stance.


“Rarely has something been so important and so talked about with less clarity and less apparent understanding than this phenomenon.” - Former National Security Agency and the former CIA Director

There are more critical issues in the cyber domain than Instagram for Kids. I have spent my working career in the information technology sector, the majority working on our military’s cyber defenses. I am acutely aware of how vulnerable our country is in this domain. Our country needs action and attention on cybersecurity . . . action that I will bring. The funding for this sector in the Build Back Better legislation is only a drop in the bucket of financing needed and does little for security in this domain.


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